2018 Countryside Cooperative $500 Scholarship Winners

Countryside Cooperative is committed to the communities it serves by maintaining a skilled and educated workforce to serve its members and patrons well into the future. Countryside Cooperative is pleased to announce our 2018 $500 Scholarship Winners.

  • Megan Baier (Ted and Susan Baier) – Durand High School
  • Shae Baier (Ted and Susan Baier) – Durand High School
  • Claire Bee (Scott and Jessica Bee) – Mondovi High School
  • Jillian Boles (Jay Boles) – Prescott High School
  • Michaela Erickson (Mark and JoAnn Erickson) – Amery High School
  • Emily Flaskrud (Allen and Margaret Flaskrud) – Mondovi High School
  • Hunter Fredrickson (Dave and Teresa Fredickson) – Independence High School
  • Lauren Frokjer (Ronald and Tracy Frokjer) – Unity High School
  • Marie Haase (Jason and Rose Haase) – Osceola High School
  • Marsha Heck (Dale and Mary Heck) – Durand High School
  • Erica Kinnard (John and Sarah Kinnard) – Menomonie High School
  • Michael Livingston (David and Lynette Livingston) – Augusta High School
  • Deanna Meyer (Derrick and Debbie Meyer) – Amery High School
  • Rachel Moseley (Linda Giese-Moseley) – Osseo-Fairchild High School
  • Claire Raethke (Charles and Lisa Raethke) – Pepin High School
  • Austin Raymond (Jason and Jessica Raymond) – New Richmond High School
  • Calvin Rosen (Dale and Margo Rosen) – Clear Lake High School
  • Benji Schaefer (Randy and Stacy Schaefer) – Eleva-Strum High School
  • Rachel Seifert (Jon and Tracey Seifert) – Pepin High School
  • Cordell Stanek (Greg and Jennifer Stanek) – Augusta High School


Click here to learn more about Countryside’s Scholarship Program.

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