Alfalfa Leafhopper Control

Mike Christenson, Agronomy Manager

With all the storms we’ve had this spring, our little friend, the Potato Leafhopper, is showing up in Wisconsin and in big numbers! This tiny insect can cause significant damage to your new seeding alfalfa or freshly cut alfalfa.


Your agronomists at Countryside Cooperative have been out in full force checking alfalfa fields in your area and would be more than happy to help you out too. They will come out and sweep your fields, typically 5-10 days after cutting or in the case of new seeding, it’s always critical to check these tender young plants. Check out the video below from our agronomist, Nick Bloomberg, out of our New Richmond/Milltown area…then contact your agronomist here at Countryside Cooperative.


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What’s Hoppening in My Fields? Our Agronomists Can Lend Expert Advice!

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