Better Customer Service on the Way

Paul Diemert, Transition Project Manager

We hope to go live with Countryside Cooperative’s new operating software March 5. This means fewer mistakes and more certainty that products you want will be on hand at your nearest Countryside location. It also means easier-to-read statements and, eventually, a place on our website where you can find all your account information.

After nearly a year searching for the right system, we finally found Merchant Ag by EFC Systems of Nashville.  Merchant Ag is a software system specifically designed for agricultural businesses with product areas like agronomy, feed, energy, retail and c-stores, plus a myriad of locations. One thing we expect Merchant Ag to do is help us get as paperless as possible, to reduce expenses and errors in billing.

With this new software, we can run a real-time perpetual inventory that tracks individual products rather than just categories. We’ll know at all times what we have on hand at all locations. We’ll know what our real gross profit is—rather than estimating it—and we’ll be able to do a better job of having products on hand when and where you need them.

Instead of writing products down when you bring them to the counter, each product will have a bar code that can be scanned, so there is no human error. The price will be correct.

With Merchant Ag software, our bulk fuel and propane drivers will invoice customers electronically, right on the truck. We’ll eliminate a lot of paperwork, and turn our time and attention to improving customer service and helping you succeed.

Now, as I said, Countryside Cooperative expects to go live with its new operating software on March 5. But, that doesn’t mean everything will be perfect. When a big software change like this is made, it usually takes some time to get the bugs out, so please be patient.

Sometime in March, Countryside Cooperative will send you samples of the new statements with an explanation of how to use them. Stay tuned!

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