Beware Getting Entrapped In Bins Last Fall’s Harvest May Have Set Up Threat Of Grain Bin Entrapment

Successful Farming

Due to the late 2019 harvest, many farmers stored grain at higher than recommended moisture levels this fall. That increases the risk of entrapment if they enter their bins to check out grain quality issues or fix plugged augers, says Gary Woodruff, a grain conditioning expert with GSI.

Woodruff says grain stored above 15% moisture, often related to insufficient drying capacity or relying only on aeration, can cause it to degrade in the bin and become more susceptible to mold.

“Grain went into bins at a lower quality, higher moisture, and with more fines this fall, which makes this year much more dangerous,” he says. “That’s why we always emphasize that farmers should never enter a bin when there is a risk of becoming entrapped.”

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