Spring 2019 Edition – Countryside Compass

The Spring 2019 issue of the Countryside Compass is now available online!

Check out the stories covered in this edition:

  • Learning how to get comfortable with feeling uncomfortable
  • AgSolver – analyzing profitability on your acres
  • How economic times are driving credit policy enforcement
  • Important tax benefits
  • Changes in the Grain Division
  • Lengthening your usefulness of feed bins
  • Spotlight on the Heck Dairy in Mondovi
  • What sets Countryside apart from others
  • What to look for with LP tank tilt this spring
  • Countryside’s commitment to Drive to Feed Kids
  • HVAC spring tune up
  • Countryside’s Internship Program and partnership with Chippewa Valley Technical College

Countryside Cooperative Spring 2019 Compass

Cryptosporidium parvum: What to do when your calves have it and how to prevent it

Dave Renaud DVM PhD

Cryptosporidium parvum (C. parvum) is a parasite that commonly infects dairy calves in the first month of life. An Ontario study found that 41 per cent of calves were infected with C. parvum, however, there was a wide range of infection levels on the 51 participating dairy farms, with anywhere from 0 to 70 per cent of calves infected. Infection with C. parvum can lead to calf diarrhea and contribute to reduced average daily gain (ADG) and ultimately reduced milk production. Due to these consequences, it is important to lessen its occurrence on farm…http://calfcare.ca/cryptosporidium-parvum-what-to-do-when-your-calves-have-it-and-how-to-prevent-it/


Prime the Pump

Robert B. Corbett DVM, PAS

Recently, there has been an emphasis placed on the study of the development and classification of the human microbiome, and its effects on human health. Studies have shown that the human microbiome established early in life has an effect on allergies, asthma, colitis, and type 1 diabetes, just to mention a few. It also has a major effect on the normal development of the gut immune system as well as protection of the gut from invasion by pathogens. It is also well-established that there is a gut-brain axis in humans involving a bi-directional communication system between the gut and the brain that plays a major role in the development of major depressive disorder (MDD)…

For more information on this click here: https://www.bovinevetonline.com/article/prime-pump


Take Emotion Out of Corn Marketing

Nathan Montgomery, Countryside Grain Merchandiser

With the corn market as volatile as it has been or lack of volatility the last couple years, it’s easy to let your emotions take over your better judgment. One way to avoid making a bad decision in the heat of the moment is to put your marketing on autopilot.

Countryside Cooperative offers an average price program that will price bushels from March 8th through July 19th. Historically, Thursday of every week has been the best time to price bushels. We will price as many bushels as you want to commit to the program, based on the close of the CBOT market.
This program is a way for producers to price a percentage of their production, we suggest enrolling up to 50% percent of your production in this program. This program helps protect against pulling the pricing trigger at the wrong time or missing the opportunity to get bushels priced. The offers you an automatic trigger pull during a four-month period when the corn market has historically been the highest. It’s also a period of time when your focus is liable to be on planting and growing your crop—not on marketing it.

Countryside Cooperative offers two versions of the Average Price Program from which to choose:

  • Average Contract – uses the cash price every Thursday, at the close, based on the price at a Countryside’s Grain delivery location.
  • Average HTA Contract will average the CBOT December futures price at the close. This flexible hedge-to-arrive contract offers corn producers with on-farm storage the opportunity to choose the best location to deliver their corn.

With no minimums or bushel limits, the Countryside Average Price Program is a good marketing tool for any size producer to consider. It takes the emotion out of marketing when your mind is on planting. But be aware: you’ll need to decide whether you will participate by Tuesday, March 6th. For more information call the Countryside grain department at 715-672-8503 EXT 1218. We’ll be glad to answer all your questions.

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