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Charitable Contributions and Sponsorship Policy

Countryside Cooperative’s social responsibility is to support local, nonprofit community organizations by providing financial contributions, in-kind services, and volunteer support. In keeping with our corporate vision, we aim to be a leader in providing value to our communities.

The Charitable Contributions and Sponsorship Policy ensures that all Countryside Cooperative donations, sponsorships, company volunteer activities, and in-kind services are coordinated and aligned with our company’s business goals, maximize opportunity for company visibility, foster long-term business relationships, and are within our budget and resource limitations

All incoming and outgoing requests for charitable contributions/sponsorships, in-kind services or support, and/or company volunteer support will be coordinated and administered by Countryside’s Marketing Communication Manager or appointee.

The following guidelines will be used in reviewing requests for charitable contributions and sponsorships and company volunteer initiatives:

  • All charitable contributions, sponsorships, and in-kind services will promote our business goals, create positive visibility, and demonstrate social responsibility. ƒ The major focuses of our contributions will be:
    • Rural Youth Leadership Development – Support of established organizations that promote youth leadership development such as FFA, 4-H and Ag in the Classroom. Support targets programs that promote development through Ag Education.
    • Serving Our Communities – Countryside takes pride in partnering with our communities in programs geared toward Ag. The program looks to build relationships with our local communities through volunteering, fundraising, safety, education, and leadership.
    • Promoting Agriculture – Countryside provides support to those members, communities, and organizations that seek to promote a positive image of the agricultural industry. Examples include Dairy Breakfasts, County Fairs, and Farm Tours.
  • If the contribution is going to a non-profit organization, the organization MUST provide Countryside Cooperative with their 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status and valid Tax Exempt ID number.
  • Contributions cannot be made to the same organization more than 3 times a year.

The following exclusions apply:

  • Countryside Cooperative will not support organizations that discriminate on the basis of age, sex, race, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, or disability with respect to employment, volunteer participation, or the provision of services.
  • Contributions will be made only to the qualifying nonprofit agency. Contributions will not be made to organizations conducting fundraising (third party giving) on behalf of nonprofit agencies.
  • Requests that solicit financial support for individuals, political candidates, and political campaigns, or entities that are not nonprofit organizations, will not be considered.
  • Financial requests for capital campaigns will not be considered.


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