Don’t Just Hope When it Comes to Fungicide

There’s no doubt that when commodity prices are low, the late-season expense of fungicide applications can be difficult to justify. But sound in-season management is what makes your yield goals attainable. The right decision on fungicide applications requires a calculated approach. Response-to scores can help farmers manage the variability found in every field. This leads to clearer picture of how to allocate their resources and obtain a higher return on your investment.

Response to Fungicide (RTF) scores are key indications of your potential return on a fungicide application.

The Answer Plot® program tests around 240 varieties every year. Some varieties have a very high bushel response and others do not.  Below is a chart that shows all the variety results in 2017.


When conditions favor disease growth, use RTF scores to evaluate the potential ROI of fungicide application. Contact your Countryside Agronomist here to learn more about Response To Scores on your varieties.


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