Fungicide Shows Huge Return for Countryside Grower

It may be difficult to pull the trigger on applying a fungicide this year. However, your time and investment may pay off like it did for a Countryside grower in 2017.  Tim Mares, a Master Agronomy Advisor that works with Countryside, has seen huge returns from a fungicide application on many occasions.  He worked with this grower last year and saw 30+ bu/ac increase.

“The farmer wanted to spray half the field with a fungicide to see if it would make a difference. At harvest, the grower couldn’t believe the yield response he had.  He wished he would have sprayed the whole field,” said Tim Mares.

The yield map below shows the difference. The fungicide was applied via aerial application at tassel to the left side of the map.  The field had DKC52-84(High RTF) planted on the left and DKC 53-56(Low RTF) planted on the right.  “It had soybeans in 2016, which usually means less disease pressure.  There were a few rows in the center of the field with DKC53-56 that we usually don’t see as much of a response from fungicide (due to the Low RTF rating).  However, we still saw a dramatic increase in yield,” said Tim Mares.

The grower also applied Masterlock and Max-In Boron. The Masterlock helped reduce drift and boron helped elevate the boron deficiency.  These products along with the fungicide gave the grower the best chance at increased yields.

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