Countryside Cooperative has licensed storage capacity for 7.75 million bushels of corn, 1.4 million bushels of soybean, and 90,000 bushels of oat storage.  We offer grain drying and storage at Baldwin, Durand, Elmwood, Fall Creek, Mondovi and Osseo. We also offer a drop off point for grain in Ellsworth during the Harvest season.

Grain Marketing Programs

Countryside Cooperative is a branch of CHS Hedging, Inc. Countryside has a licensed broker on staff to help you open your hedging account and assist you with your marketing needs. Whether you are a grain or a dairy operation, with the opening of your own hedging account you can get a handle on your risk management needs.

Countryside Cooperative provides grain marketing programs and services that our producers need and want to market their grain profitably.

Here at Countryside Cooperative we offer a wide variety of contracts, to accommodate how producers would like to market their grain, which include:

For more information please use the links below:
Risk Management Agency
U.S. Department of Agriculture
Farm Service Agency
The Chicago Board of Trade
Understanding Your Dairy Markets

Last Chng High Low
CORN $3.5900 $0.0200 $3.6050 $3.5700
SOYBEANS $9.5800 $0.0700 $9.5875 $9.5150
LIVE CATTLE $129.800 $0.175 $130.400 $129.500
LEAN HOGS $63.025 -$0.775 $63.900 $62.500
MILK CLASS III $15.21 $0.01 $15.21 $15.20

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