Mike Christenson, Agronomy Division Supervisor

You’ve heard the words “big data” repeatedly in 2017. These words are exciting, but can be scary. Machines you operate generate all kinds of data—so do the machines we operate. But how do we pull all this data together to make better decisions?

Well, I have good news. Countryside Cooperative has adopted a new technology called FieldAlytics which can talk to the software in each machine and pull everything together—automatically.

With this technology in hand, we’re introducing for the 2018 crop year a program called Precision Ag Cropping Solutions (PACS). We previewed PACS with small groups of 18-20 growers before the end of 2017, and they were all pretty excited.

PACS rolls all your data and our data into one place so it can be utilized by you and your cooperative. It simplifies the whole process of collecting, storing and analyzing data from your planter and combine, and our sprayers and fertilizer application equipment.

This allows us to make more timely recommendations, and you to make more informed decisions with the potential to increase your return on investment. With PACS, we can layer in our soil sampling information and your yield information, and you can do what is best for your farm.

PACS also allows us to make recommendations for farming your land by zone, based on satellite imagery, soil type, yield, and the general information you contribute about your land—from personal experience.

The goal of PACS is to help you spend your money more wisely, which, in this economy, is crucial to your survival and growth.

If you farm, you know that success starts with the soil, right? PACS begins by offering you three soil sampling options: 1.0-acre grid sampling, 2.5 acre grid sampling, or 5-acre grid sampling.

Then, you pick from two packages of services: PACS Base or PACS Plus.

Finally, you pick any additional services you want us to perform.

Your Countryside agronomist has all the details on our new Precision Ag Cropping System. Call them today and say, “Tell me about PACS.”

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