Countryside Cooperative is member owned. Members are not just those whose principle occupation is production agriculture; in fact, anyone can become a member. By patronizing Countryside Cooperative, you have the opportunity to become a member and share in the pride and benefits of cooperative membership. At Countryside Cooperative, we pride ourselves on creating solutions to today’s issues and providing exceptional value to our customers.

Countryside Cooperative members enjoy the following benefits:

Member’s Equity Credit Program

What is Countryside Cooperative?

Countryside Cooperative is an Agriculture “product and service” Cooperative. As a Cooperative, Countryside is owned and controlled by its members-patrons-owners that work together for the common good of their community. Profits from Countryside Cooperative are returned to its member-patrons-owners as cash and equity in proportion to the amount of their patronage.

Countryside Cooperative currently has physical assets in the communities of: Amery, Baldwin, Durand, Elmwood, Ellsworth, Fall Creek, Foster, Glenwood City, Gilmanton, Hammond, Hudson, Mondovi, King’s Valley (Osseo), Luck, Milltown, New Richmond, Pepin, Pigeon Falls, Rock Falls, Strum, Spring Valley, Alma, Cochrane, Waumandee, and Whitehall.

How can You become a Member-Patron-Owner?

You can become a member by setting up an account and purchasing supplies or services from any of Countryside Cooperative’s facilities. Members enjoy all the privileges of doing business with a cooperative and participate in the earnings and savings of Countryside Cooperative; however, only members whose livelihood is dependent on farming have full voting rights. (See voting memberships and eligibility listed below). The membership of Countryside Cooperative is its foundation. It is the loyal member participation that keeps the market competitive. Countryside Cooperative offers two types of memberships: voting and non-voting.

Voting Membership & Eligibility (Producer)

To gain voting membership, producers need to have purchased at least $5,000 of Ag-based products– Feed, Agronomy, Seed, LP for corn dryers, etc., for their agricultural operation in a calendar year. Voting members/producers shall mean and include persons (natural or corporate) actually engaged (“at risk”) in the production of any one or more agricultural products including tenants of land used for the production of any such product, and lessors of such land who received as rent therefore part of any such product of such land, and cooperative associations (corporate or otherwise) of such producers. Countryside Cooperative’s Board of Directors approves all voting memberships.

Non-Voting Memberships & Eligibility (Non-Producer)

All members that purchase any dollar amount of non Ag-based products on an annual basis from Countryside Cooperative would have a non-voting membership and would be classified as a non-producer. Non-voting memberships shall be an owner of equity credits to the same extent that any person is entitled to own equities in Countryside Cooperative according to its Bylaws, but a non-voting member shall not possess any voting rights in the affairs of the Cooperative.


Equity Retirement Program

Estate of Deceased Members

The estate of any deceased Countryside Cooperative member must make an application by the appointed estate’s personal representative and provide to Countryside Cooperative that member’s death certificate in order to have their remaining Equity Credits paid out. Immediately upon Board Approval, their estate could be paid out in the form of cash. The appointed personal representative can begin this process by contacting Heather Carothers at 715-672-8503 ext. 1190 or Missy Hinricks at 715.672.8503 ext. 1111 at the Durand Business Office.

Age of 70

Any Countryside Cooperative member reaching the age of 70 years old must make an application to have their Equity Credits paid back to them in the form of cash. All qualifying members wishing to cash in their equity credits must complete an application sometime after turning 70 years of age and before the end of Countryside Cooperative’s fiscal year. Countryside Cooperative’s fiscal year is September 1 through August 31. After the close of our fiscal year, each application will be reviewed and acted upon by Countryside’s Board of Directors.

Qualifying members can begin this application process by contacting Heather Carothers at 715-672-8503 ext. 1190 . You will be required to fill-out an Equity Retirement Form, download your copy HERE. You will need to supply at least one form of proof of age (i.e. driver license, birth certificate).

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