Agriculture Applauds Phase One China Deal, Awaits Tariff Removal

Anna-Lisa Laca
January 16, 2020

“The Phase-One Agreement with China will be a game changer for the U.S. beef industry,” said NCBA President Jennifer Houston, who joined President Trump at the White House for today’s event. “For many years, Chinese consumers have been denied access to high-quality U.S. beef—the same U.S. beef we feed to our families. The removal of these […]

Wisconsin Corn Leader Says China Trade Deal is What Farmers Have Been Waiting For

Larry Lee
January 15, 2020

The details of the U.S. and China phase one trade deal have not been announced, but a Wisconsin corn grower says it’s the kind of news they’ve been waiting for. Tom Gillis is on the Wisconsin Corn Growers board and serves the U.S. Grains Council.  He says, “I think just a deal announced and the […]

China’s U.S. trade deal commitments not changed in translation: Mnuchin

David Lawder
January 15, 2020

Mnuchin told Fox News Channel that the deal reached on Dec. 13 still calls for China to buy $40 billion to $50 billion worth of U.S. agricultural products annually and a total of $200 billion of U.S. goods over two years. Click here for more information.

Make The Most of Technology When Margins Are Slim

Laurie Bedford
January 13, 2020

It can be difficult to justify the cost of technology when commodity prices are low. However, experts say it’s actually the best time to invest. “When crop prices are low, farmers tend to freeze all spending – even on technology,” says Guillermo Perez-Iturbe, marketing director, Trimble Agriculture. “However, that can be a slippery slope. At […]

Burdened by Debt, Borden Files For Bankruptcy Reorganization

Chuck Abbott
January 13, 2020

Once the world’s largest dairy operator, Borden Dairy said it filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy reorganization, aiming to reduce its debt load “and position the company for long-term success.” The bankruptcy filing over the weekend in Delaware courts followed the November bankruptcy of Dean Foods, one of the largest U.S. milk processors. For more, click here.

Don’t Rely On the Way You’ve Always Done It

Jim Hedges VP, Seed Marketing, WinfieldUnited
January 13, 2020

“It’s the way we’ve always done it.” I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard that phrase. As a farmer myself, I understand how difficult change can be. The agriculture industry is facing some big challenges right now and trying something new might seem risky. But these disruptive times demand that we change how […]

World Agricultural Supply and Demand Estimates

January 10, 2020

USDA January 2020 Report

Pre-USDA Report Thoughts Are Bullish, Analysts Say

Mike McGinnis January's Report Has Rally History
January 10, 2020

DES MOINES, Iowa — The final U.S. 2019 crop production estimates, to be released Friday, are expected to get smaller than previous estimates, according to prereport projections. On Friday, the USDA will release its January Supply/Demand Report, Dec. 1 Quarterly Grain Stocks Report, and its WASDE Outlook at 11:00 a.m. CT. Read More Here   […]

Help Dairy Calves Get Through the Cold Season

Megan Wildman Calf and Heifer Specialist – New York
December 31, 2019

Help Dairy Calves Get Through the Cold Season

Avoid Building Collapse, Consider Insurance

LeeAnne Bulman, AgriView
November 11, 2019

GILMANTON, Wis. – Excessive snow and blowing wind create a nasty combination – a danger that caused a record number of farm buildings to collapse this past winter. Weather events can’t be controlled so farmers need to do what they can to prevent damage. That starts with building design, says Aaron Halberg, resident professional engineer […]

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