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  • Countryside Announces AMPLI-CALF Scholarship: Countryside Cooperative is pleased to announce that we will be offering a $1,000 Purina AMPLI-CALF Scholarship to an area student. Click HERE for more information and to apply. Applications must be submitted to by May 31st, 2017. Applications received after May 31st will not be considered.
  • Calf Management Workshop: Countryside Cooperative hosted a Calf Management Workshop at Dregney’s Double D’z in Mondovi on March 23, 2017. Speaker were Jade Baerg and Todd McDonough.

Countryside 2017 Calf Meeting

  • Land O’ Lakes Video:“Building strong communities, creating enduring livelihoods and being effective stewards of our natural resources – these commitments are as important to us as top-quality products and services.” Take a moment to view Land O’Lakes video “The Farmer“.


  • Mill Construction is Well Underway: The Menomonie Feed Mill is well underway! Below are images captured on Saturday, October 15th showing the progress of the mill. Also, be sure to regularly check our live feed of construction progress here.


  • Breaking Ground on a New Feed Mill: On October 11th, 2016 Countryside Cooperative broke ground a new feed mill located in Menomonie, Wisconsin. Members of Countryside Cooperative’s Executive Board, CEO, Frank Brenner, Menomonie Mayor, Randy Knaack, and the builders were all onsite for the Ground Breaking Ceremony. See full press release here.

menomonie-mill-ground-breaking-072 menomonie-mill-ground-breaking-041

  • 2016 PLOT DAYS: On August 25, 2016 Countryside Cooperative hosted their annual Mega Plot event outside Menomonie, Wisconsin. The event included Countryside Cooperative guided plot tours, food, prizes, agronomy equipment and products, and vendors of all sorts. This year’s the event attracted over 530 people.

Plot Days 2016Antler King Booth Energy Booth R7 Agronomy Booth Mega Plot 20162016 Plot Days


  • REVOLUTION PLASTICS: Revolution Plastics, a company based out of Arkansas, is looking to expand their ag plastics recycling business into western Wisconsin. They are looking to collect ag plastics from farmers with on-farm recycling dumpsters. The dumpsters are free and collection is free to the farmer. They are looking to get 250 farmers in the area (80 mile radius of Eau Claire) before they come up to the area. They will be sitting a baler in Eau Claire and collecting ag plastics from farmers to haul there to be baled and shipped to their processing facilities. They started a pilot program in Green County, WI about 2 years ago and have expanded into Dane County. They are now targeting the Appleton & Eau Claire areas next.The timeline for them to come up and start in this area is projected to be sometime this fall/winter. They sound like as soon as they get 250 interested farms they are ready to move. To sign up for the service and get on their list, have farmers visit: and scroll down to the “Join the Revolution” section. They just need to fill out and submit the form online and they are on the list. What I’ve heard as far as criteria for getting a dumpster is:
    • Generate 3,000-4,000 lbs of ag plastics per year. If a single farm doesn’t generate enough, several farms can go together and share a dumpster.
    • They accept bale wrap, ag/grain bags, most bunker covers, oxygen barrier film, irrigation tape/tubing/cover, fumigation, greenhouse and hoop house films.
    • They do not accept bunker covers with nylon scrim, twine, net wrap or other mixed plastics.
    • Need to be able to access dumpster with a full size garbage truck.

    The material they collect from WI is currently being made into large garbage/trash liners that are used primarily by the hospitality industry, universities, etc.  The material they collect in Arkansas is currently being made back into new ag bags.

    If you or any farmers have questions, they can be directed to me or have them visit Revolution’s website. Thanks for your help in getting the word out about this exciting opportunity to divert thousands of pounds of plastic out of our landfills!


    Megen Hines
    St. Croix County Recycling Specialist
    1960 8th Ave Ste 140
    Baldwin, WI 54002

  • DRIVE TO FEED KIDS: We ran part of our “Drive to Feed Kids” campaign in June, at a couple dairy breakfasts (money stays in the county it was raised).  We were able to raise $1,000, from patrons and employees, that will be sent to Feed My People Food Bank in Eau Claire.  The funds will be distributed:  Dunn County – $470,  Trempeleau County – $125, Buffalo County – $202.50 and Pepin County – $202.50.We will be running another campaign this fall and will be getting matched funds from some of our vendors to help raise more money for all the counties in our trade area.Thank you to all who donated and congratulations to Steve Fish and Anna Potham for winning the smokers.

Drive to Feed the Kids booth at Dairy Breakfast

  • NEW CONVENIENCE STORE: Countryside’s Ellsworth Convenience Store is OPEN – click here to read more.

Ellsworth Convenience Store

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