Preparing Your Hogs to Show

Mike Wachtendonk, Countryside Nutritionist

The most important thing you can do to prepare your animal for the summer/fall show season is to weigh it every two or three weeks—and even more often as the show date approaches. Monitoring its weight will tell you if you need additional energy, rate of gain or conditioning.

Ask a Countryside livestock nutritionist to assist you in determining whether the body type of your animal matches up with its skeletal development. They can recommend additives to increase muscle or back cover.

Use Countryside’s Show Hog Grower and Finisher, both pelleted products, to take your animal from 40 lbs. to finish weight. Both the grower and the finisher are available at any Countryside feed store.

Show Hog Grower is designed to be fed from 40 lbs. to 150 lbs.

The grower offers a lysine level of 1.2 which works out to 20% protein. It includes the additive OutPace (a prebiotic/probiotic) to improve gut health in hogs being moved and stressed.

The goal, in this first stage of feeding, is to take advantage of the hog’s genetic potential through expression of muscle and average daily gain. A higher lysine product does just that.

You probably have your show hog by now. The heaviest ones are getting close to 150 lbs. Countryside’s Show Hog Finisher is designed for second stage feeding—from 150 to show weight (270-290 lbs.).

The finisher contains a lysine level of 1.0, which works out to 18% protein. It also contains the additive Ambitine an all-natural essential oil and Bio-Mos® product for gut health. The closer to market, the less efficient a hog’s metabolism can be. This additive increases absorption of nutrients when metabolism becomes less efficient.

To find out which show feed is right for you, talk to the counter staff at your local Countryside feed store or call the Menomonie feed mill at 844-856-1515.


Countryside Cooperative has also developed a beef show feed that combines Purina Show Steer with the steam flaked corn we produce at our new Menomonie mill. Named Beef Show Steer, this product features increased digestibility and palatability compared to other beef show feeds on the market

Call Mike Wachtendonk or Sarah Kinnard at 844-856-1515 for all the details.



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