Countryside Cooperative offers many agronomy services to our customers. These services include, but are not limited to:

Crop Planning Services:

Countryside Cooperative has Certified Crop Advisors (CCA) on staff to assist customers in all their planning needs; not only for this season, but for the many seasons to come. Customers can be assured that Countryside has to tools to help them maximize their return on their agronomy investment.

Soil Sampling:

From Lawn & Garden to large acreage fields, Countryside Cooperative can help customers process any soil samples. We work with Wisconsin Certified Labs to analyze soil samples and make recommendations based on our customer’s needs.

Plant Analysis:

Countryside Cooperative utilized the most current technology to assist customers in monitoring their crops’ health throughout the crowing season.  From root ratings, to tissue sampling, to late season stalk analysis, Countryside Cooperative helps customers get the most out of every acre on their farm.

Field Scouting:

Countryside Cooperative’s agronomy staff is ready to assist customers with either pre-planned Field Scouting programs, or call in concerns. Our staff will help customers identify any conditions that may be present or may show up that could have an effect on their crop quality and/or yield.

Prescription Blending of Dry and Liquid Fertilizers:

Countryside Cooperative’s agronomy locations can blend fertilizer products to assist customers in meeting their N-P-K needs necessary to reach their yield goals.  Micronutrients can also be added to Countryside’s blends to assist in yields, as well.

Custom Spreading of Fertilizer and Lime:

Countryside Cooperatives has a large fleet of custom, well-maintained application equipment to help our customers get the products they desire onto their fields.  Countryside Cooperative offers Airflows, Floater Spinners and Over-the-Top machines; all of which are operated by trained applicators that get the job done quickly and accurately.

**Countryside Cooperative also has available pull type spreaders for our customers that wish to apply products themselves.

Custom Spraying:

Countryside Cooperative is able to apply crop protection products with our fleet of High Clearance sprayers.  Spray boom widths of 60-120 feet have the ability to cover many acres quickly and accurately.

Seed Treatments:

Countryside Cooperative custom applies seed treatment to help protect our customers’ investment.  Fungicides, insecticides and inoculations can be applied to seed and delivered to farm or field.  Countryside knows when planting crops, we only have one chance to get it right.

Nutrient Management Planning:

Need a Nutrient Management Planning (NMP) done?  Countryside Cooperative can help! Our staff can assist customers in establishing a plan and getting the correct an update completed.  Countryside Cooperative works with established plan writers that comply with all requirements needed to get plans done.

Precision Ag.

Countryside Cooperative offers the latest technology in the realm of Precision Ag. Services including: R7 Field Map Applications, Monsanto Climate Control, Drones, and more.

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