Caring for our wildlife

Enjoy the outdoors with products from Countryside

Countryside Cooperative carries a large variety of wildlife products, including attractants and products for feeding wildlife as well as food plot seeds.

Please contact us with your questions on feeding birds and wildlife, as well as getting started with or adding to an existing food plot.



We carry a variety of the following items:​

  • Bird Seed
  • Bird Food Mixes
  • Seeds of Hope Sunflower Seeds

We carry a variety of the following items:

  • Trophy Rocks
  • Wildlife Feeds
  • Wildlife Minerals
  • Antler King Products

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Latest Videos

Winter Food Source
Winter Food Source

3/17/2020 5:51:59 PM

Barricade will last well into the winter and provide wildlife, especially turkeys, upland birds and songbirds with a winter food source. Deer, too! It can even make for a good spring turkey food source....

Divide Food Plots

2/13/2020 4:39:46 PM

During the rut, bucks will travel looking for a hot doe. They will stop at the edge of a food plot to check it for does. If they don't see anything, they will go back into the cover and continue on. Force the buck out of cover and into the food plot by dividing the plot with Barricade. Strategically plant Barricade so the buck will travel past your stand or blind....

Benefits of Antler King Plot Max and Jolt

10/26/2018 4:24:59 PM

Todd Stittleburg talks about how fall is a perfect time to check your soil's pH and apply lime as well as the benefits of Antler King Plot Max and Jolt...

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