Credit Application, Financing & Billing Rights

Commercial Credit Application​

Countryside Cooperative offers a Business Line of Credit to make working together easier. Download and print out a Commercial Credit Application today!

Consumer Credit Application

Countryside Cooperative offers a Personal Line of Credit. Once you open your account you can start earning patronage on your purchases (excluding C-Store purchases where you earn Patron Points). Download and print out a Consumer Credit Application to set-up your Countryside account.

Credit Questions

For more credit information, contact Jodi Wieland, Credit Manager, at 715-672-8947 ext. 1212

Producer Financing Questions

Countryside offers several producer financing program options which are listed below. You can click on a link to get more information on any of the programs, and then click on the link to fill out an application. 

If you need more information about our producer financing options, contact Michael Noll at 715-672-8947 ext. 1212 or watch this video: Learn About Our Programs


CFA Producer Financing – crop input finance program

  • Improves security of product supply
  • Locks-in input costs to maximize income potential and reduce risk
  • Secures a confidential source of payment for input products and services
  • Presents a comprehensive agronomic relationship to complement your operation
  • Offers early payment without penalty
  • Saves time with convenient one-stop source for all your input need
  • Finance inputs/other expenses related to collateral crops only
  • Loans up to $350,000 require NO additional information
  • Interest rate Starts at 3.25% based off products purchased through the Coop
  • All outside land rent paid will be at 7.25%
  • Application fee of $200


Winfield Secure – crop input program finance program

  • Loan can be used to fund all Winfield Seed and Chemicals
  • Simple application on up to $500,000 with NO additional information
  • Call Michael 715-495-1242 for EZ renewal information
  • Interest Rates for the 2021 crop year will be 0% for ‘A’ rated customers and 2% for ‘B’ rated 
  • Loan can also be used for Fertilizer and Custom Spraying 
  • Interest rates for Fert and Custom Spraying are 4.25% for ‘A’ rated and 5.25% for ‘B’ rated


Verity Business Solutions:

Verity Business Solutions is a new product offered this year through the merger with Landmark Service Cooperative (

Verity offers our customers some new options when it comes to financing inputs for the 2021 crop year.

The three premier programs offered by Verity are ‘Complete’  ‘Growth’ and ‘ Jump Start’


  • Complete offers customers who do 80% or more of their agronomy through countryside to finance all inputs at prime minus 1% (2.25% as of 10/6/2020)
  • Complete can be used for all agronomy products, qualified energy products, and animal nutrition products


  • Growth offers customers who increase business by the greater of 25% or $25,000 to finance all inputs at prime minus 2% (1.25% as of 10/6/2020)
  • Growth can be used for all agronomy products, qualified energy products, and animal nutrition products

Jump Start:

  • Jump Start offers customers a 0% fixed interest rate on all fall applied fertilizer and spring UAN and urea. 
  • This loan matures on March 31, 2021 and can be rolled into either of the other loans.

To learn more about your billing rights, click here.

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