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Scholarship Program

Thank you to everyone who submitted an application for the Countryside/Landmark Scholarship.
We will be announcing our winners soon!
Countryside Cooperative is committed to the communities it serves by maintaining a skilled and educated workforce to serve its members and patrons well into the future. Countryside Cooperative is pleased to inform you that we will be offering up to twenty (20) $500.00 scholarships to eligible high school seniors enrolled at an accredited school.

Students whose parents or guardians are active members or customers of Countryside Cooperative are eligible to apply. An active member or customer is defined as having purchased a minimum of $1,000.00 worth of products and/or services during the fiscal year from Countryside Cooperative.
Starting in January 2021, high school career counselors will receive information to distribute to the senior classes. Anyone who is interested in being considered for a scholarship must provide an application, an essay, a copy of his or her high school transcript, and two personal references (one must be academia) by Friday, March 19th, 2021.

Application materials should be submitted to Countryside Scholarship Selection Committee at the Durand Business Office located at 514 East Main Street, Durand, WI 54736 or via email to 

Countryside Cooperative’s Scholarship Selection Committee evaluates applicants based on general merit and application materials. The nine-panel committee consists of three board members, three-member/patrons, and three employees. Winners are notified the first week in April 2021. If you are interested in serving on our 2021 Scholarship Committee, please contact Lori Peterson at 715-672-8503, ext. 1165.

Scholarship checks will be made payable to the college and mailed to the student’s home address upon presenting proof that the student has successfully completed his or her first semester of studies and is enrolled for second semester. Students must provide proof of completion which includes a copy of grades and a schedule of the second-semester classes. Students do not need to submit official transcripts.

For any questions please contact:

Lori Peterson
Marketing Manager
514 East Main Street
Durand WI 54736
(715) 672-8503 ext. 1165

2021 Scholarship Application