Precise farming from analysis to implementation

Your partner in Precision Ag

From understanding to implementation, our team of agronomists and precision ag specialists will help you determine how precision ag technology can be applied to your individual operation.

Precision ag tools allow us to distribute resources across the farm to increase our Return On Investment (ROI) and maximize profits. 

Gathering your farm and field data for analysis in our precision ag platform will help you and your agronomist create an effective field management plan. Multiple years of data allow us to more effectively determine patterns, develop solutions and plan ahead.

Guided by the 4Rs of Fertilization philosophy, we use multiple resources, including FieldAlytics and the R7 Tool, to aid our decisions, improve sustainability and increase profits.

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Precision Ag Cropping Solutions


YieldEdge is the Countryside Cooperative solution for all things precision ag. This program takes a wholistic view of all the precision ag solutions and services. This, in turn, allows us to put together a combination of tools and services that best fit the way you farm.

Learn more on the basic YieldEdge click here.

Precision Ag Software Tools

We work with many different software tools under the YieldEdge banner, including:


FieldAlytics, our Field Data Management system, is the heart of our precision ag platform. From field mapping and scouting, soil and tissue sampling to variable rate applications and plant nutrition decision support tools. 

As the destination of all our data, we can run advanced data analyses, create prescriptions for planting and fertilizing, and use ROI tools to help increase profits from one place. With integrations to other systems, such as Farmobile, MyJohn Deere and Climate, it is easier than ever to share information, analyze it and make decisions for your operation.

As a grower, creating your own account gives you access to all your information. To request access, click here

FieldAlytics allows us to improve operational efficiencies and provide a higher level of service to our customers.


Our preferred partner in agronomic data collection and connections with our growers. Farmobile offers uniform data for both machine and agronomic data, live and historical fleet views, machine reports, data downloads and universal two-way file transfer. It is compatible with most makes and models and can be integrated with our FieldAlytics program for automatic transfers. Ask us how you can make money from your data when you buy a Farmobile system from countryside.

R7 Tool

This tool from Winfield provides in-season maps, variable-rate maps, and a field monitoring tool that shows if a field is trending up or down in comparison to other fields. It does so by utilizing satellite data that is collected numerous times each week and compares the field to other fields planted within the same maturity and planting window. It also can provide yield predictions for wheat, soybeans and corn, which helps guide our seed recommendations.


Field Forecasting Tool (FFT)

The R7® Field Forecasting Tool combines predictive weather models, agronomic practices, tissue testing and ground truthing to measure the health and performance of your crops. ​It allows you to quickly find when and where the next threat may arise so you can tackle field deficiencies before they affect your bottom line.

Other Integrations

In addition to our preferred precision ag providers, we also work with many other systems, including My JohnDeere and Climate FieldView. Ask our agronomists for more details.

Precision Ag Services


Expert, reliable service to move your farm forward.

Countryside offers a full suite of ag technology services, from gathering field data to building and implementing your precision ag plan.


Soil Sampling​

We use FieldAlytics Explorer to map precise locations to take soil samples, this increases the speed and accuracy of the soil sampling process. By utilizing soil sampling, we can identify the best approach for fertilizing effectively and efficiently. This aids in determining variable rate fertility prescriptions, as well as creating zones for multiple other analyses. It makes file management easy and accurate; allowing data from mapping and sampling devices to synchronize to FieldAlytics wirelessly from the
field. We typically recommend soil testing in the fall after combining, but spring can also be an option.


Tissue Sampling

When plants lack essential elements, they can’t perform up to their genetic potential. Tissue sampling helps us identify hidden deficiencies before they cause problems. Minor deficiencies are difficult to see, and sampling allows us to fine tune macro and micro fertilizer needs before they affect yield. It also helps us identify problems with the current crop and fine tune fertilizer prescriptions for the next crop year.

Field Scouting

Scouting is a vital part or managing the health and success of your crops, but it is more than just boots on the ground. By using technologies such as, in-season satellite imagery and drones at regular intervals enables our team to monitor your crops from a different perspective. Identifying trouble
areas with enhanced imagery increases efficiency and improves accuracy of pinpointing where our team focuses their efforts while visiting the fields in person.

In addition to imagery, our services include:

  • Weed, insect and disease identification
  • Soil and tissue sampling
  • Crop nutrient and protection recommendations

VRT planting and fertilizer

Variable rate application technology allows us to apply varying rates of inputs in appropriate zones throughout a field. Our goal is to maximize your profit, create efficiencies of inputs and ensure sustainability. Countryside has the hardware, software and expertise to help you take full advantage of variable-rate technology (VRT). We continually make new investments in equipment and training, and all our fertilizer rigs are equipped with VRT.

We create the maps used for VRT fertilization and seeding, primarily from grid soil sampling. We have dry and liquid spreaders that are variable-rate capable, or we’re happy to write a variable prescription for you to use when doing your own applications. We’ll also provide you with maps for your variable rate planters.