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Your consistent agronomic partner in a sea of variables.

There is no other place like west-central Wisconsin. The beauty of the region comes in part from the diversity of our landscape. And while this diversity makes for amazing scenery, it creates challenges for modern agricultural methods.

At Countryside, we work with our growers to create an agronomic plan that provides the best chance for success, no matter the crop, soil type or field size. We’ll have one-on-one discussions with you to determine what’s best for your farm.

With 15 agronomists on staff working out of six locations we draw from a wide range of expertise to find solutions, whether you grow corn, soybeans, alfalfa, or specialty crops such as potatoes and snap beans.

Look to us for all your agronomy needs, and let’s grow together.

We’re at your service.

We’re a full-service agronomy center, and we offer a wide range of services. From precision ag to custom application, of our diversified team of agronomists is a mix of young and old agronomists with the expertise to help determine what will work best for your operation.

Custom Application

Whether you need crop nutrients impregnated or crop protection chemicals applied over the top of a growing crop, we have the equipment and expertise to do the job.
  • Dry & liquid crop nutrients
  • Herbicides, insecticides and fungicides
  • High-clearance rigs for post-emerge applications
  • Lime
  • Aerial applications

Farm Calls and Agronomic Insights

We’ll work with you to develop farm plans, including a schedule for purchasing inputs that works best for you.

Our team of agronomists bring years of experience to the table when sorting through new products and technologies to assess what’s best for your operation. As a customer of Countryside, you have access to a wealth of agronomic advice and tips to help you farm smarter.

Ag Tech

When it comes to ag technology, we’ll help you sort through the noise and choose a path that works best for you and how you farm.

Our services include:

  • Soil Sampling
  • Tissue Sampling
  • Field Scouting
  • Aerial Imagery



  • Variable Rate Applications

Fertilizer Rx

Planting Rx

Crop Nutrients


Feeding your crop, caring for your soil.

With so much to do in the spring and fall, it seems that timelines are compressed further each growing season. That’s why it pays to partner with Countryside for your crop nutrient needs to prepare for each season and get the work done during the critical planting and harvesting seasons.

In addition to sources of nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium, we carry a wide range of specialty products and micronutrients.

Whether you need applications or fertilizer deliveries,We have six convenient locations to serve your needs.

4Rs Philosophy

At Countryside, we adhere to the 4Rs philosophy for fertilizing your fields - right source, right rate, right time and right place. No two acres produce the same. We utilize soil analysis and our on-farm knowledge to create a sustainable nutrient management plan for your crop and soil types.

Let us help you make the most of every pound of fertilizer you use.

Nitrogen Stabilizers

We recommend the use of enhanced efficiency fertilizers (EEFs) to help prevent nitrogen leaching and volatization in the soil. These products help keep applied nitrogen in the soil where it can be utilized by the plant and produce better yields from each acre.

We have access to a wide range of EEFs,Our recommended brands are:


We have the ability to use impregnation technology to apply herbicides at the same time as crop nutrients. This provides superior crop protection and reduces passes over the field.

We’re intimately familiar with challenges in our area and we customize applications using impregnation technology to address specific local challenges, such as water hemp pressure.

Ask one of our agronomists about how fertilizer impregnation may benefit your operation.


If we determine your fields are deficient in one of a number of micronutrients, we offer a full line of products to get your plants what they need for optimal production. A few examples include:

  • Boron
  • Sulfur – Changes in environmental regulations have reduced the amount of sulfur in the environment and increased the need for supplementation. Look to us for a number of sulfur products and application types.
  • Zinc
  • Other Micronutrients

Specialty Products

Specialty fertilizer products offer a wide range of benefits and help you more completely feed your crops in an efficient manner. We carry a number of products, and some of our preferred brands include:

  • MES10 - MicroEssentials S10 supplies nitrogen, phosphorus and sulfur in one nutritionally balanced granule so uniformity of applying is better vs MAP or DAP.
  • Pegasus - Pegasus fertilizer from Mosaic has 2% more potassium, equal to 40 additional pounds of K2O per ton, allowing for more efficient transportation, application and storage. 
  • Aspire – Aspire from Mosaic combines two forms of boron with potassium in one granule for uniform nutrient distribution, season-long boron availability and maximum yield.

Crop Protection


Protecting your crops from weeds, disease and insects.

With our diverse crops and soils, you need a partner who is on top of the latest developments in crop protection. Whether it’s new chemistries, branded products versus generics, or new agronomic threats, we have the knowledge to deliver what’s needed for your fields.

You won’t find a broader source of products and knowledge in west-central Wisconsin, and our applicators are certified by the state and have received Dicamba certification training.

We work with all the basic manufacturers of crop protection herbicides to provide a large selection of products, including generics.

Preferred Providers (Partners)

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Seed & Seed Treatments


Seed selection backed by knowledgeable advice.

At Countryside, we represent a wide range of seed brands to have the ability to select genetics that will thrive in your fields, no matter what crop you grow. Some brands we represent include:

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Seed Treatments

We offer a number of seed treatment options, including a full line of fungicide and insecticide treatments. We’re flexible to meet your needs for specific crops.

Seed treatment locations:

W892 Hwy 10
Mondovi,WI 54755
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New Richmond
2116 County Road S
New Richmond,WI 54017
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Corn Silage

High Quality corn silage starts with the selection of the proper hybrids. You have many options to choose from; dual purpose hybrids, BMR Hybrids, TMF Hybrids or the new Unified hybrids. As a dairy or beef producer, this decision shouldn’t be taken lightly, which is why you can rely on our staff of agronomists to help you through these decisions. You need to consider tonnage goals, digestibility, fiber, starch, protein and many other factors to come up with the best decision. 

We have corn silage products that range from seed to inoculants to storage systems, along with the expertise to help you achieve your goals for your specific herd. 

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Plot History

We continuously look at new seed releases and compare them to our historical data on current products on the market to make sure they perform yield-wise against the standards. We have plots across the geography we serve to look at different conditions and soils.

Safety certified

Look to us for safety, whether that’s in the form of certified applicators for crop protection products, silage safety, or training for your farm workers.

We understand entry interval requirements, evaluate for product drift and continually undergo training to make sure we’re on top of the latest safety measures and requirements for the products we sell.


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