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Personal attention, knowledgeable advice

Each year, each day can bring new challenges and opportunities in animal agriculture. But at Countryside, we stay focused on what is always constant – our feed customers goals and profitability.

We routinely go to the farm and work alongside our feed customers to fully understand what adjustments may be necessary to keep rations in balance and delivering optimal nutrition to the animals.

Feed production and delivery

Whether you work with an independent nutritionist or one of our on-staff nutritionists, we will custom blend rations specific for the needs of your animals.

We manufacture feed at our production plants in Menomonie and Mondovi, and we serve our entire trade area out of these two mills.

We work with a wide variety of ingredients and have the capability to produce and deliver the highest quality bagged and bulk feeds. While we operate two mills, you can arrange to pick up your feed at additional locations listed below.

In addition to the feed we manufacture, we provide a full line of supplements, minerals, complete feeds, and liquid feeds.

Our state-of-the-art feed mill in Menonomie has the ability to pellet and crumble feed at up to 10 tons per hour, and steam-flake corn at up to 8 tons per hour. It also offers ingredient blending, along with micro ingredient blending, and bulk and bag mineral mixing up to 50 tons per hour.


The feed staff at Countryside Cooperative understand that western Wisconsin is known for its' dairy production. We have three Dairy Specialists and four other Livestock Specialists to serve you, our customer. 

As your consultants, we will analyze your facilities, management, and feeding strategy to build a customized nutrition plan specific to your goals and needs. Dairy rations tend to be heavily forage based, so we specialize in balancing your rations to meet your inventory requirements, optimize production, and manage costs. We also specialize in calf and heifer technical support and optimizing nutriton for high performing replacement heifers. 

Talk to one of our Dairy Specialists today and let's work together to improve the profitability and production of your operation.  


In challenging years for forage production like 2019, it pays to have expertise available to bolster rations and keep beef cattle healthy and growing.

We’ll analyze your forage and then put together a supplemental program to deliver the nutrition your cow/calf or feedlot animals need. We’ll also review seasonal mineral programs, fly protection and other needs for your cattle and deliver solutions.



We manufacture and deliver swine feed for all production stages. Look to us for complete feed rations for your operation from sows to nursery to grow/finish.

Contact one of our livestock production specialists to learn how Countryside can benefit your swine operation.


As a Land O’Lakes cooperative, we turn to the top name in equine feed, Purina, for equine feed products and supplements. 

We offer both bagged products and delivery to the farm for horses; and we work closely with the equine specialists at Purina to come up with solutions that are best for your horses.

Talk to our equine specialist, Kaylyn Birchmeier to learn more.

Goat & Sheep Feed

Our livestock production specialists understand the dietary needs of goats and sheep, and we can create rations that work best for your operation.

Call and talk to our specialist, Alicia Bosenko, today to learn more.


Countryside Coop handles a complete line of Purina poultry Layer and meat bird feeds in crumble, pellet, and meal form.

We also make our own Countryside Cooperative poultry feeds and can custom make larger orders to fit your needs in crumbles, pellet, or meal form also. We can meet your needs from backyard flock to commercial flocks.

Our Partners

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Livestock Equipment

Countryside has numerous options for livestock equipment, and if we don’t stock what you need, we’ll help you find it. Durand is our main hub for all livestock equipment, including:
  • Wood and tee post
  • Round bale feeders
  • Feed bunks
  • Gates and coral panels
  • Calf hutches
  • Rail road ties
  • Aluminum gates
  • Cattle and hog panels
  • Ground mineral feeders
  • Creep feeders - stationary and on wheels
  • Water stock tanks (galvanized and poly)
  • Barbed wire, woven wire, welded wire
Mondovi Ace handles gates, tee posts, wood posts, barbed wire, cattle and hog panels and welded wire. Waumandee Ag, Fall Creek, Amery Country Store and the Baldwin Feed Store carry limited supplies. Finally, our bulk feed bin program includes an option for financing. Ask us for details.

Feed Facts from our Livestock Specialists

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