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Beloit Family Cashes In on Hemp Farming

Jan 11, 2020

Hillary Gavan

BELOIT, Wis. (AP) – Growing hemp plants is more difficult than it looks.

“They are definitely divas. They like to be pampered and cared for a lot,” said Rock Hemp Corp. President Adam Aberle.

Adam Aberle, his wife Kristina and kids Kaylee, 12, Ava, 8, Addison, 6, and Andrew, 2, have grown their first fields of it this summer.

The family launched a new business supplying the growing demand for products with CBD oil and will be opening the Hemp Hut Inc. in Janesville in early January.

“It’s profitable. We haven’t sold everything we grew this year, but sales are gaining speed,” Aberle told the Beloit Daily News.

While the crop which became legal to grow in Wisconsin in 2018 has created somewhat of a “green rush,” many people jumped in before doing all the research and have already exited the market after wrestling with the finicky plant.

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