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Help Protect Youth From Grain-Related Accidents

Mar 06, 2020

Grain handling operations can be extremely hazardous to children and young workers. Learn how to keep them safe.

Seconds to Tragedy – Help protect children and young workers from grain-related accidents

Courtesy of the Grain Handling Safety Coalition, this article details the hazards grain handling operations pose to children and young workers, and recommendations to help keep them safe.  

“Seconds to Tragedy” is not just a catchy phrase. That’s how long it takes to be fatally engulfed in grain.

Working with grain, or just being around grain equipment, is extremely hazardous. Under no circumstances should children be allowed on grain-handling worksites. Children and young workers are typically unaware of hazards, tend to act impulsively and are prone to taking risks. Once engulfed, the fatality rate for children and youth is 80 percent.

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