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Countryside C-Store Rewards Program: All Your Questions Answered

Feb 12, 2020

So what is a rewards card? There are two options for Rewards cards- the first and most basic, the Country Rewards Card. You can sign up at any C-Store by providing basic information and get a card on the spot. This is for points only- you swipe when you purchase (and pay with cash or a personal credit or debit card) and the points are tracked on your Country Rewards card. If you want to check how many points you have, one of our cashiers can scan the barcode on this card and tell you. The second card is the Fast Card, which is a combination points and charge card. This is the one that you can charge purchases to and then pay with your mailed statement  at the end of the month. This one you need to sign up for (you can find the application on our website by clicking this link. ) A credit check will need to be done as well. Just a reminder, in order to charge to your Fast Card you have to have the physical card with you. We are unable to charge by looking up your name or number.

For every dollar you spend with your rewards card, you’ll get one rewards point added to your card (apart from diesel fuel which is 3 gallons for 1 point-gas is 1 point per gallon). Your points accumulate automatically. Once you start accumulating points, you can check your balance at the bottom of your receipt after your transaction. If you do not take a receipt one of our cashiers can tell you when they scan your card (as mentioned above). If you  frequently purchase items that are part of our buyers’ clubs (see below) you can also see these balances at the bottom of your receipt.


You can redeem points at any time. Most stores run similar specials that offer cardholders additional perks, and these change every few months . It’s important to know these redemptions are not applied automatically (buyers clubs are, but regular redemptions are not) so you should watch how many points you have and keep track of the specials. Just bring up the items you want to use points on and tell the cashier you want to use your points at check out. Here are a few examples of current cardholder specials: (for a full list of location-specific specials, talk to someone at your nearest c-store)



As a rewards member you get 3 cents off per gallon of fuel every day, and on Tuesdays you get 5 cents off.  You can also redeem points for money off purchases, or an additional fuel discount- 200 points is $1 off an in-store purchase, or 5 cents off gas. 500 points gets you $2.50 off in-store or 15 cents off per gallon of gas, and 2000 points will get you $10 off an in-store purchase or 50 cents off per gallon of gas.

There are also certain items you can earn bonus points on. For example, a Monster energy drink or a Powerade will earn you 5 bonus points, a large bag of ice gets you 10 bonus points, and a gallon of washer fluid or a 12 pack Pepsi/Coke product is also 10 points extra. If you see something on a rewards list somewhere and find out the store you’re at doesn’t carry that product, ask the manager. We may be able to get it for you by asking our distributor.

We hope this blog has helped clear up some of your questions about our rewards program- and if not, ask us! Our c-store teams  are friendly and knowledgeable about the program and store-specific perks. We are proud to repay our loyal customers with this rewards program and want this to be a tool you can use every day.

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