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Security Updates to Protect You

Feb 12, 2020

Emily Ellingboe, C-Store Price Book and Training Manager 

Technology is always changing. Thieves are constantly trying to outsmart us and take our hard-earned money. We need to stay one step ahead of them.

That’s why Countryside Cooperative is making security updates at all 15 of our local convenience stores. These updates will help protect you from fraud.

We’re currently installing chip technology at our checkouts to make it harder for thieves to hack your credit card account. We’ve already installed chip readers and software at our Ellsworth, Durand, Glenwood City and Spring Valley Stores. Over the next two months, we’ll install advanced chip technology at all our C-stores.


If you use a credit card with chip technology, you will be asked to insert your card instead of swiping it. That’s it. Just one change in the way you pay for your C-store purchases should give you a higher level of security and peace of mind.

You may also wonder, “What are those blue stickers on the pumps at my Countryside C-Store?” That is for your protection, too. These unbroken blue seals offer the assurance that no one has tampered with the pump in the middle of the night by installing a skimmer to steal your credit card information.


If you see a blue label that looks like it has been torn or tampered with, let a store employee know so they can check it out. Then, move to another pump do your fueling. Skimming devices have been spotted in our area, and we intend to offer you the highest level of protection when purchasing gas or fuel at our convenience stores.

It costs money to make these upgrades, but your security is worth the investment.

So where can you find us and fuel up worry-free? Countryside C-Stores are located at Amery, Baldwin, Burkhardt, Durand, Ellsworth, Elmwood, Foster, Glenwood City, Luck, Mondovi, Pepin, Pigeon Falls, Spring Valley, Strum and Whitehall. We also own and operate pay-at-the-pump fueling stations at Gilmanton and Rock Falls.

Stop by your nearest Countryside Convenience Store today—and feel secure.


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