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Pre-Buy Your Propane to Lock in Price and Supply

Jan 02, 2020

Doug Yule, Southern Propane Manager

You didn’t really see it, but there was a propane shortage this winter. Your supplier, Countryside Cooperative, was put on allocation. But because we have enough storage, we had sufficient propane to supply all of our customers throughout the winter.

We’re currently considering adding two 30,000 gallon tanks to our propane storage, which will bring our total storage to 600,000 gallons.

Every year, Countryside Cooperative sells 8 1/2 to 9 million gallons of propane. Our storage, although large compared to others, would not be enough in the case of a severe shortage. And, prices would rise dramatically.

This is the main reason to consider pre-buying your propane: to lock in both price and supply.

The difference between pre-buying propane and buying propane off the truck this past winter was 40ȼ/gal. That’s a significant savings. Put that together with the protection pre-buy offers from a serious shortage, and Countryside’s pre-buy program is very attractive.

With the political tensions in the Middle East this spring, propane prices have been rising rather than falling.

We’ll be sending out a pre-buy agreement soon to everyone who has pre-bought propane in the past. But, we’ll send one to you—if you call us.

You have two options for pre-paying your 2018-19 propane: You can 1) lock in a price by putting down 20ȼ/gal. for a specified number of gallons, or you can 2) lock in an even lower price by totally pre-paying for a specified number of gallons. Choose the option best for you.

Call Countryside Cooperative’s energy office at 715-672-8947 and ask to speak to an expert about propane pre-buy.

Top off your tank in the off-season

We will start our annual propane summer-fill program in July and run it until August 31. Have your tank filled in the off-season, be ready for the coming heating or drying season, and take advantage of what normally is the lowest price of the year.

If you want your tank summer-filled, call the energy office today.

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