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Try Your Air Conditioner BEFORE Temperatures Rise

Mar 06, 2020

Brian Bauer, HVAC Technician

You might think the outside air temperature hasn’t gotten high enough to turn on your air conditioner. That’s a mistake. Turn it on and try it out. Don’t wait for the first 80-90 degree day to test your cooling system. When it gets that warm, you want to already know it works.

By turning it on early, you’ll find out if your Freon is low because you didn’t clean the coil last fall or because your valves leak.

At the end of the winter, you should change your filter and clean the air conditioner coils inside and outside. Your Countryside Cooperative HVAC serviceman can help.

We’ll put gauges on the A/C and make sure the Freon level is adequate. We’ll make sure the outside unit is clean—it’s usually the backside that gets dirty, because it’s never seen.

Then, we’ll go inside and check the tube from the coil to the drain, to make sure it hasn’t plugged.

We’ll also check belts and oil motors because you want them to work all summer long—especially during the hottest days.

If your A/C is getting old and inefficient, we can price out a new air conditioner for you. The industry has made great strides. Twenty years ago, the highest Seer rating you could find was 5-8. Now, the minimum we can install is a Seer 13. It’s cheaper on your electric bill and, if you sell your property, it will improve the value.

We sell Comfortmaker® and Guardian® air conditioning systems. These are our premium and our economy lines. But we can order parts for and service almost any make and model of air conditioner. Usually, we have the part your A/C needs right on our truck.

We also sell electric and gas, standard and on-demand water heaters. If your present water heater has sprung a leak or if the motor goes out, you’re better off (economically) to change your water heater.

To tune up or repair your air conditioner, or to price out a new one, call 715-672-8503 and ask for the HVAC department.

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